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We are your #1 choice for Auto Glass Repair Las Vegas.  We have been offering Windshield Replacement service in Las Vegas since 2012.  In most cases we offer say day service for auto glass replacement and windshield repair in Las Vegas.  We offer free estimates for Auto Glass Repair as well as Windshield Replacement in Las Vegas.   Secured Auto Glass offer the some of the lowest prices in the industry for Windshield Replacement.  Secured Auto Glass is located at 5130 North Lamb Boulevard in Las Vegas Nevada. Call Us today and we will be happy to help.

Why choose Secured Auto Glass in Las Vegas?

Secured Auto Glass comes to you as the most trusted and experienced auto glass repair in Las Vegas. We understand how your car keeps you safe and how important it is to you. That’s why we hold ourselves to a high standard when it comes to replacing your windshield.  

Safe and Secure Windshield Repair in Las Vegas

Your windshield is more than just a way to see through as you drive. It’s a structurally important part of the vehicle that keeps you safe. The glass is specifically designed and manufactured to its shape so that any impact keeps the occupants of the car from harm.  Each windshield is made of layered glass with resin packed in between so that even in a collision, the driver is kept safe from deadly shards of glass.

That’s why you should only trust your windshield to an expert in. We employ the most trusted experts in Las Vegas. Windshield repair is so important to your safety, and we do everything to the highest standard to ensure your safety. 

Windshield Replacement in Las Vegas Gives You Peace of Mind

Your car should be a stronghold while you’re driving and while you’re not. Thieves often use the glass of the car as a way to break in and steal valuables, or the car itself. The security of your family and your belongings should be well guarded against those who would attempt to break in.

Affordable Auto Glass Replacement in Las Vegas

Above all, people are concerned about the price. We understand that while it does matter that your Las Vegas auto glass replacement shop is trusted, respected, and reputable in the community; you also want the best price for your auto glass repair. Las Vegas can be a costly city, so that’s why we offer our services at cut-rate deals that you can’t ignore.

It doesn’t matter which service we’re quoting, from auto glass replacement, chip repairs, restoration works, or windshield replacements, our prices always reflect our commitment to give our local community the best prices. You’ll be quite surprised at how affordable it actually is to repair that broken or chipped window or windshield.

So, if you have been the victim of a loose stone, an accident, or you need to replace your auto glass, contact us as Secured Auto Glass. We’re the Las Vegas glass repair experts, and we can even come out to you. For a quote or a visit, contact us here.