About Secured Auto Glass

Get to know the experts who will give you our very best service on your windshield and auto glass repairs.

For an entire decade, we’ve been operating in Las Vegas and Henderson, providing this community with a reputable and secure auto glass repair. Over that time, we’ve been able to establish ourselves as the premier source of all windshield repair and auto glass repair services. We live to serve this community with the highest quality work we can offer. And it’s paid off with an extensive customer base that continues to make us their number one choice for all their windshield and glass needs.

Secured Auto Glass Las VegasOur commitment to quality comes from knowing that any defect or crack in your windshield can put you at risk on the roads. A secure windshield provides integrity and safety to the occupants in the car and keeps them safe during a collision as well. If we can offer you a windshield repair that continues to keep you safe using state-of-the-art equipment and high standard craftsmanship, then we’ve done our job.

We have also introduced a mobile windshield repair service that takes the repairs to you. Sometimes, you don’t need to get an entire replacement when a simple repair will do. We offer that auto glass repair on your schedule, and we offer it for free to the residents of this community. That’s just another example of how committed we are to offering our best services.

If you think your windshield or glass needs repairing, contact us today. Our qualified staff will provide an estimate at a fair and affordable rate on any and all windshield repair or auto glass repair needs.

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The shop was clean, parking was easy. The service was excellent; even with the phone ringing off the hook. There is a comfortable waiting room if you have to wait. I felt acknowledged. (My pet peeve is a business that doesn’t greet you when you come..
Las Vegas Auto Glass Repair Reviews
Max A. on 10/30/2014
I operate a fleet of shuttles and came across secured glass out of necessity when one of our vehicles had a cracked windshield over the holiday weekend. It was to my surprise when I was initially quoted for the replacement. The cost to replace…
Las Vegas Auto Glass Repair Reviews
Mark W. on 11/26/2014