Windshield Crack Repair Las Vegas

Heat and Your Windshield

May 19, 2014  |  Windshields

The desert heat in Las Vegas can affect the windshield of a car if it has rock chips or cracks. If the crack is limited in size, a professional can repair it quickly and at a nominal cost. If you don’t repair it, the Las Vegas heat may increase the

Las Vegas Auto Glass Repair

Auto Glass Repairs

March 20, 2014  |  Windshields

Getting an auto glass repair prevents you from getting pulled over on the side of the road or worse – getting into a dangerous accident. Only a professional knows how to handle a proper repair or installation. As a driver, do not cause any more damage to your glass. Learn

Car Windshield Repair Las Vegas

Repair vs. Replacement: When to Opt for Either Service

December 30, 2013  |  Windshields

The great thing about windshields is that their material and construction makes them pretty easy to repair when only minor damage has occurred. The not-so-great thing about windshields is that they’re actually a significant structural element of the vehicle, and one that keeps both the driver and the car’s frame

Winter Windshield Replacement Las Vegas

Winter Windshield Replacement Isn’t an Outdoor Endeavor for Most People

December 17, 2013  |  Windshields

Having a windshield replaced is a necessary evil for many drivers, and it’s one that doesn’t really discriminate between the seasons. Drivers are as likely to need a new windshield on the hottest day of the year as they are during a deep freeze in the middle of January. One

Car Windshield Replacement Las Vegas

Caring for Your Windshield

November 30, 2013  |  Windshields

When you decide to buy a car, it is a big decision. After all, it is one of your biggest purchases, and it is going to be one of your biggest expenses as well. Your car says a lot about you, and you need to make sure that you maintain

Power Window Motor Repair Las Vegas

Power Window Troubles

October 30, 2013  |  Windshields

Is My Power Window Motor Broken? Car issues can happen at the worst of times. A person can be out running errands when a sudden storm comes upon them. They reach for the switch to close their windows and find that the motors are not responding. Suddenly, passengers get soaked

Windshield Crack Repair Las Vegas

Cracked Windshield?

October 15, 2013  |  Windshields

Should You Repair or Replace a Cracked Windshield? People will get cracks in their car’s windshield at some point. Most people delay getting cracks and chips fixed because they are worried about the cost and hassle of fixing them. They often start small, seemingly like they are not a problem

Windshield Repair Las Vegas

RV Windshield Repair

September 5, 2013  |  Windshields

Windshield Repair for RV’s and Large Vehicles When a major crack happens in an RV, the first thought is to replace the glass. That isn’t always the best option, especially if the windshield can be repaired. There are several reasons to repair a windshield instead of replacing it, but the

RV Windshield Repair Las Vegas

Windshield Repair Las Vegas

September 5, 2013  |  Windshields

Auto Windshield Repair Las Vegas Most windshields need to be repaired at least once. With cars speeding along the freeway and roads of the world, rocks and other debris can crack an otherwise smooth pane of glass. Weather also cracks windows, especially when a cold snap freezes an otherwise warm

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The shop was clean, parking was easy. The service was excellent; even with the phone ringing off the hook. There is a comfortable waiting room if you have to wait. I felt acknowledged. (My pet peeve is a business that doesn’t greet you when you come..
Las Vegas Auto Glass Repair Reviews
Max A. on 10/30/2014
I operate a fleet of shuttles and came across secured glass out of necessity when one of our vehicles had a cracked windshield over the holiday weekend. It was to my surprise when I was initially quoted for the replacement. The cost to replace…
Las Vegas Auto Glass Repair Reviews
Mark W. on 11/26/2014