Heat and Your Windshield

May 19, 2014  |  Windshields

Windshield Replacement Las VegasThe desert heat in Las Vegas can affect the windshield of a car if it has rock chips or cracks. If the crack is limited in size, a professional can repair it quickly and at a nominal cost. If you don’t repair it, the Las Vegas heat may increase the size of the crack to where repair is impossible. You may be looking at windshield replacement.

The Hot Sun and Your Windshield

As a rule, the hot sun will not damage the car’s glass. Some people have argued that pressurized heat buildup in the car cracks the glass. This is a myth, and understanding that it’s not true can help you avoid further damage to your car windshield.

Many people have come out of their building on afternoons when the temperature in Las Vegas has topped 100 degrees or 110 degrees, and discovered their windshield has cracked, seemingly for no reason. It’s not because of the hot sun beating against the windshield. It’s because minor damage to the windshield has increased beneath the heat of the sun, and suddenly, it’s a visible problem.

An increase to an existing crack or surface pit also can happen when the cold air from the conditioner touches the hot glass. For example, if your windshield already has a bulls-eye rock chip, the extreme temperatures of hot and cold can cause the chip to become complicated, lengthening the cracks around it. Unfortunately, the car owner failed to notice the minor crack or chip.

Look for Cracks

It’s a good idea to examine your windshield for chips after you’ve been showered by flying gravel on the freeway or have otherwise experienced a rock hitting the windshield. Not all rocks will chip or crack a windshield. Cracks and chips depend on factors like the angle that the rock hits the glass and the velocity and mass of the flying rock.

By examining the windshield after incidents, you can get on top of the problem before other factors like the sun’s heat cause it to expand. When a rock hits the windshield resulting in a star crack, it can be repaired quickly and efficiently before it expands with the heat. A windshield typically comes in three different layers, and the cracks often don’t penetrate beyond the first layer, so patching the top layer is easy for the professionals at a shop like Secured Auto Glass.

Regardless of the type of damage, if it’s not extensive, a repair can be accomplished quickly and easily. Cracked glass, pit damage and other damage from flying rocks should be fixed because the hot Las Vegas sun can expand them, and then you may have to replace the entire windshield.

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