Repair vs. Replacement: When to Opt for Either Service

December 30, 2013  |  Windshields

The great thing about windshields is that their material and construction makes them pretty easy to repair when only minor damage has occurred. The not-so-great thing about windshields is that they’re actually a significant structural element of the vehicle, and one that keeps both the driver and the car’s frame safe from harm. If they suffer serious damage, windshields need a full replacement in order to keep functioning at a high level. So, when is it appropriate to choose repair or replacement services?

The Time and Place for Windshield Repair

Windshield repair services should only be used when exceedingly minor damage has been done to the surface of the glass. Repair usually is needed after a rock makes a small chip in the exterior of the windshield. Since this small chip does not affect the windshield’s structural integrity, and does not penetrate the entire thickness of the glass, it can be easily repaired for a far lower cost to the driver. That’s often preferable, since it won’t affect a driver’s car insurance rates or deductibles.

The Case for Repair: When to Forego Replacement in the Name of Safety

While minor dings and dents in the windshield can be repaired in a few moments’ time, large cracks should absolutely not be repaired under any circumstances. Instead, these cracks must lead to the full replacement of the windshield glass in order to keep drivers safe. There are several key reasons for this:

  • Windshields are thick pieces of material used to hold up the car’s roof and protect drivers from impact during an accident. A repaired crack still exists, and it will cause the windshield to fail in this capacity.
  • Cracks that are repaired rather than replaced will come back, perhaps in a few weeks or maybe in a few months. They’ll require continual repair until the windshield simply cannot take the stress. At that point, significant damage to the windshield could happen at any time. It could even happen at high speeds or in heavy traffic.

Don’t Risk It: Treat Major Damage with a Replacement

Don’t cut corners or accept a repairman who wants to do so. Replace a cracked windshield immediately, and opt for a repair only when the damage is on the surface and not a structural risk. By following this policy, better safety can be assured during every day’s commute and during all longer trips.

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