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September 5, 2013  |  Windshields

Auto Windshield Repair Las Vegas

Windshield Repair Las VegasMost windshields need to be repaired at least once. With cars speeding along the freeway and roads of the world, rocks and other debris can crack an otherwise smooth pane of glass. Weather also cracks windows, especially when a cold snap freezes an otherwise warm day. What is the process in repairing these cracks and how does it work?

When Bringing a Windshield In For Repair In Las Vegas

There are several steps to the process.

1. The technicians look for stability in the glass. This is to make sure a crack can be repaired. Sometimes the windshield is so unstable; it needs to be replaced instead of repaired. Sometimes even the smallest crack can lead to a windshield that can’t be repaired.

2. Protective devices are used to keep the vehicle safe. This is to make sure the car, truck, or SUV isn’t hurt while the windshield is being repaired. These protectors make sure that the equipment and materials used will not hit the vehicle in any way.

3. Remove moisture and debris from the crack. This makes sure the repair is smooth with no defects after the job is finished. A vacuum like tool is used to suck this out of the crack, leaving it clean and smooth for application of the resin.

4. Repairing the crack. Using a special tool, the crack is filled with a special resin along the entire length. This resin will dry clear and not be noticeable after the repair is over.

5. Ultra Violet light is used on the repair. This light does double duty. It seals the crack from the weather and hardens the resin.

6. Removing excess resin from the crack. This is the final step in the repair process. After the resin is sealed and hardened, some resin sticks out of the crack. This process removes any excess and returns the windshield to a clear and smooth state. The windshield will look as good as it did before the crack.

Another common question is how a person will pay for the windshield repair. It depends on the crack and the damage. Most full coverage insurance packages will pay for the repair with no deduction. That means 100% of the job will be paid by the insurance. If that isn’t the case, staff can be contacted for other payment options. It is best to contact the company to find out what is available.

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