Rock Chip Repair

Reliable Rock Chip Repair For Auto Glass In Las Vegas

Rock chips are a very common occurrence on today’s roadways. Rock chips happen in Las Vegas and Henderson when the winds intensify and carry heavier debris. Construction sites and gravel trucks also generate a substantial amount of debris. Even pebbles, if traveling quickly through the air, can create significant rock chips that over time destroy auto glass. The sooner you can come in for rock chip repair for any damaged auto glass, the better.

Rock Chip Repair Prevents Small Problems From Becoming Big Problems

Debris and other contaminating substances can penetrate nicks and rock chips, preventing the resin used in rock chip repair from filling the damaged area completely. Secured Auto Glass’s rock chip repair services can save you the headache of having auto glass damage spread over time, which then becomes a much bigger problem for your vehicle and for your safety. Many automotive insurance carriers are even willing to cover rock chip repairs to auto glass for free.

If chips in the glass go without rock chip repair service, those chips then spread and become full-blown window or windshield cracks. When this happens, the entire windshield must be replaced, which is a significantly more expensive service. Rock chip repairs can be done for chipped windows in usually 30 minutes, and these repairs return the auto glass back to its factory strength.

The Process Of Rock Chip Repair

Secured Auto Glass performs rock chip repairs for your vehicle in a methodical and thorough process that ensures the very best rock chip repair service for your auto glass. First we examine the chipped area and determine whether or not it is chipped and fixable or if the area is so heavily damaged that the vehicle is in need of auto glass replacement. Then our team uses specialized vacuums to remove debris and collecting water from the chip. After this, we use a specialized rock chip repair resin that is used to fill the chip. This resin is then hardened with ultraviolet light, effectively sealing the damaged area permanently. The last step is to remove any extra resin so that your auto glass is perfectly smooth and fully restoring the auto glass.

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